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About Gwendolyn Black

Hi, my name is Gwen Black.  I am a pre-k teacher at Lamar County HeadStart.  I have been teaching for thirteen years.  I graduated from Texas A & M University-Commerce in 2007.  I have a Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies in Early childhood through 4th grade teaching certification.  

I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter named Raven and son-in-law named Kendrick.  They are my joy, my light, my heart and the apple of my eye.  They are the wind beneath my wings. I am blessed to have twin grandboys who are 6 years old who attends Aikin Elementary School named Kyce and Keiston and a little princess named Kambri.  Let me tell you, these handsome princes and beautiful princess are my heart beat and keep me on my toes.  

My philosophy of teaching is molding love and respect for my students.  I will help children to develop their potential by believing in them as individuals.  My role as a teacher is to give students the tools with which to cultivate their own gardens of knowledge.  A love of learning is the ultimate gift I can give to my students.

My motto is We may all be different, but in this class we grow together.”.





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